It is a bringh and colorful 2D platform game. It has been developed with Contrusct 2, Illustrator and Flash.


The Longlegs are a group of peaceful individuals connected with nature, who are invaded by the people of the Longlegs, whose difference is in the size of their legs and their aggressiveness, since the Longlegs have lost their connection with the land.

Seeing that the invaders are taking over their territory, our peaceful civilization has no choice but to fight and take up arms.

As they fight, they will discover the power from which the size and strength of the Longlegs flows, taking advantage of it for themselves, protecting their people, evolving their powers and expelling the invader.

As you progress through the game you will earn points that translate into improvements, strength and size for the members of your colony, which will lead to an unexpected ending.

     Play the game with a keyboard: