It is a 2D platform game. The game seems kind, but it is sadistic and bloody in essence. It has been developed with Unity 3D Engine, 2D ToolKit, Illustrator.


Everything takes place on the fantastic planet of Atercipeleitor, a place inhabited by adorable rabbits, and protected by the Rabbit Guard, a group of Soldiers whose main job is to protect the Easter eggs that fall from the Mysterious Tree each year.

But this year everything will be different.

The eggs have been stolen by the natural enemy of rabbits.... SCARECROWS! These have taken over the small planet, also capturing the rabbits and locking them in burrows with no exit.

Here OUR PROTAGONIST comes into play... JACK RABBIT, a soldier expelled from the Guard for his distinctive pink color.

Guard rabbits can only be dark in color, and Jack certainly isn't...

We made a game about EGGS &... BUNNYS!